Onboarding users

Let's setup how you want your users to sign-up.

Feedback value VS onboarding friction
Feedback from a user that signs up anonymously is less valuable than a user that has asked to be notified when the feedback is addressed.
At the same time, asking users for their email address will discourage some to leave any feedback at all.

You want to have the least amount of friction when asking for your users contact. The recommended options from most recommended are:
  1. Single Sign-On
  2. Email restricted to domain
  3. Browser Notifications
  4. Email
  5. Anonymous

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Choose this option if your users already have an account with you. It works by seamlessly transferring their existing account information to ClearFlask so they don't have to type the same information again. See How to setup Single Sign-On for more information.

Email restricted to domain

Browser Notifications
Also known as Web Push, Browser Notifications are a fairly recent feature of Web Browsers that allow websites to send you push notifications.

  • The user will not be able to log in from another browser unless they add an email to the account.
  • If the user disables Web Push, they will lose access to the account completely.
  • Not all browsers support Web Push, we recommend to enable Anonymous login as a fallback if Web Push is not supported by current browser.

This is the standard way to onboard your users. As long as a user has an email address, they can sign up.

We recommend not to ask users to set a password as it adds friction. They will be able to set a password later in account settings. Without a password, users are still able to log in later by receiving a one-time code to their email address.

If you plan to use your users' email addresses, you may choose the option of verifying the address before they're allowed to finish creating an account. This ensures the email addresses are valid. It is not recommended in most cases as it adds the most amount of friction.

Lastly, you can choose to let users sign-up anonymously. On one hand, this option has the least amount of friction, consider whether anonymous feedback is valuable to you.
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