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Introducing MySQL as alternative to ElasticSearch
  • Both MySQL and ElasticSearch continue to be supported as a store for searching/filtering ideas. ElasticSearch is the heavy/expensive but powerful search engine while MySQL allows for quick easy deployments.
  • New self-hosted instances automatically use MySQL. You can choose to migrate to ElasticSearch
  • Deployed self-hosted instances continue to use ElasticSearch. You can choose to migrate to MySQL
  • You can now configure to sync GitHub Releases automatically into ClearFlask announcements/changelog.
  • In customer-first feedback collection, after feedback is submitted, a success message is shown. Otherwise the page may become unexpectedly empty if no other related feedback is loaded.
  • API Swagger UI is now pre-populated with your API key and current project ID. Can be quickly accessed from dashboard menu.
  • If you fill out feedback and quickly hit submit, sometimes the last changes you made were lost. This was due to debounced React property, the fix is to wait for the debounce to complete before submitting. (#93)
  • User initiated merge of own feedback was denied by server due to invalid permission (#93)
  • No more duplicate Trial Ended emails
  • GitHub webhook relinking was broken
  • More robust ElasticSearch connection handling and retries
  • Spurious failures of KillBill IT tests
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