Defining Content types

Whether you want to gather user feedback, show off your blog or create a Q&A, you need to define the rules of your content.

User Creatable
First thing to decide is whether the content can be created by users or locked down to Moderators.

Next up, choose the appropriate type of feedback and discussion you want to achieve including:

  • Voting (and/or downvoting)
  • Expressions
  • Funding
  • Commenting

Some content may go through stages of progression such as a development task. (idea -> implementation -> deployment)
For this, you should define a series of states as part of your workflow.
Each state may allow or disallow feedback. For example a completed development task shouldn't receive any more upvotes.

Use tagging to differentiate sub-types of your content. You can filter content by tags when searching. You can also force a specific page to show only certain tags.
Note: Don't forget to create a Tag group in order to configure whether tags can be added by users or mods

Tags can be created by users or restricted to mods only. A Tag Group can define rules such as whether a tag is required, and whether multiple tags from the same group can be attached.
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