• Switch to SwaggerUI for API documentation; now you can try out a call right from your browser
  • Roadmap is now shown in reverse order: Now, Next, and Later.
  • In portal, API calls and background tasks show a loading bar at the top of the page
  • Customize all roadmap status names and colors in basic settings.

Fixes (Portal):
  • Pixel pushing roadmap
  • Fix cannot comment on merged posts
  • User page is now cleaner, empty sections are hidden
  • Comments not properly displayed under merged posts
Fixes (Dashboard):
  • Dashboard drawers overlapping with modals
  • Popper anchor sometimes disappears
  • Split dashboard settings into project and account settings
  • Fixing OAuth issues, adding separate call for getting email (Used by GitHub)
  • Project invitation shows as expired instead of accepted
  • Merge OAuth account with existing account if verified email matches
  • Removed syntax highlighting, didn't play nice with tree shaking
  • Order during a drag-n-drop within a column was incorrectly calculated
  • Linking/merging is now not allowed to itself or other posts already linked/merged.
Fixes (Deployment):
  • Debug code during a local deploy using IDE
  • Redirect http to https on local deploy
  • Local KillBill deploy webhook had wrong port
  • JMX operations are now working
  • Fixed minor NPEs and exceptions
  • Self-hosting redirect to dashboard if project not yet created

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