• I18n:
  • Partial community translations of Français and Deutsch
  • Automatically set language based on Accept-Language header with CloudFront support
  • Support signup via coupon
  • Support whitelabel by removing powered by ClearFlask
  • New plan addons: private projects, whitelabel, extra projects
  • Landing and onboarding small fixes to improve experience
  • On signup check if email is invalid or disposable

  • Dashboard comment count shows incorrect value
  • Searching by text always sort by search score
  • Logout did not clear server session
  • Spurious trial ended emails for plans with no trial
  • Auto-upgrade trial when creating private projects
  • Batching of notifications, hit DynamoDB limit of 25 per batch
  • Quick start guide was too aggressive in issuing captchas
  • CytoscapJS library causes Chrome browsesr crash when using font-family

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